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This is the best convertible car seat for small cars, and is included near the top of our annual, About $350-400 depending on color options, which tends to be a bit pricier than the Radian RXT. The design is smart and adjustable with other two car seats. That means you'll need to purchase a convertible or booster seat around the age of 4-5 years. One of the most popular infant car seats, in general, is the Chicco KeyFit 30, and it’s exciting that it’s also one of the narrowest infant car seats on the market. And for some really great reasons, it is one of the most popular, versatile, comfortable, reliable, and affordable infant car seats on the market. Make the harness comfortable but reasonably tight for the webbing not to be pinched between the fingers. The price is approximately $296 and it has a 1 year warranty. And here's why: with the cup holders tucked in, this booster seat comes in at a super narrow 16.3" wide, making it the narrowest booster seat we tested other than the small inflatable ones. In our testing, we found this seat to be very plush, comfortable, have generally high-quality materials, and some great functionality. The Chicco KeyFit 30 comes with a base that attaches into your car using either the Latch system or the conventional seat belt, it only weighs 15 pounds, and it comes in some adorable patterns and colors. Some of the narrow car seats for toddlers include Cybex Aton/Aton 1/ Aton 2, Chicco Key fit, Diono Radian RXT as well as other models such as R100 and R120. However, never put the rear facing seat on the front passenger seat. It is safe to buy a safety seat that is compatible with the changing car seat standards. If you really need that infant insert but don't want to pay the RXT premium, check out the Radian 3RX, which is similar to the 3R but includes an infant insert and a higher rear-facing (up to 45 pounds) and front-facing booster (up to 120 pounds) weight capacity. You think that bang for a buck is almost impossible. The criteria include the height and weight of the babies. It adjusts itself to accommodate children as small as 33 pounds (as short as 36") and as big as 100 pounds (as tall as 59"). Here is another Chicco booster seat option. In this way this narrowest car seat is excellent for babies of all ages. We select the product that is the best and then start doing our own research work parents who are searching for the best products for their precious ones. It is almost 17” wide and this makes it a perfect product of the parents who are looking to adjust more than one car seat in a small to medium sized cars. It is definitely true that the larger car seats tend to have more safety features, such as the more substantial torso and head side impact protection, more advanced installation systems (like the Graco Boulevard ClickTight Convertible Car Seats), and even load legs and anti-rebound bars. There were also some small issues that were an annoyance in our testing. In addition to its narrow stance, this booster seat also has some nice features. Even though the server responded OK, it is possible the submission was not processed. It is one of the safest convertible car seat for infants and toddlers. It has a ton of great things going for it, but also has some drawbacks. Overall, this car seat is bet for the parents who are looking to adjust 3 narrowest car seats in the car or even best for those who want to adjust 2 car seats in the car. Furthermore, there are 6 recline positions that makes it one of the best harness to booster seats, so it adds on an extra level of comfort for babies. You can check out the Diono Radian 3RXT here. the high back booster and the backless booster seat. Will those settings fit all children? This has been verified by various experts who used narrow booster seats, a convertible and an infant seat. There are different patterns with gender specific colors and neutral colors. It's an extremely well-built, durable, reliable, and safe car seat - the Diono car seat is known for these characteristics. Chicco MyFit Combination Booster Car Seat. There have been many studies by the car makers about the safety of children while travelling in any vehicle but they are focused on the second row of the car and less on the third row. The five point safety harness makes it even safer in forward facing positions for toddlers. We do not recommend using a belt-positioning booster seat with a child under at least 45-50 pounds, even though this seat is rated for such lightweight children. Graco SlimFit 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat The Graco SlimFit seat saves space in your backseat, while giving your child plenty of room to grow! Extra sideways padding and energy absorbing form is used in the car seat to make is more safe and comfortable for the infants and toddlers. 3> Best Compact Seat For Newborns: Chicco KeyFit 30 at Amazon Similarly in front facing position, it can be used from 20 pounds to 90 pounds. The straps have that extra impact absorption stitching too. The other models that are discussed in this article are good to go with medium to big sized cars, but Combi Coccoro infant convertible car seat is the only option that fits into a small car. But does that mean a child's safety is being compromised with a narrow car seat? This Primo Viaggio infant car seat measures a slim, This is another narrow infant car seat option, with a base coming in at under 15" wide (it's 14.5" to be exact) at the bottom (where it matters most), and then the entire seat (with the handlebar levers sticking out on the sides) coming in at, This super narrow infant car seat, coming in at, This is an extremely lightweight, ultra-portable slim infant car seat with some excellent safety features, reputation for high quality, and European styling and comfort. The best part of this model is that it is all in one rear facing toddler car seat that grows with your little one. Due to its sleek and slim design, it lacks cup holders. ... Register with us and we'll send an sms to 50 of your contacts to announce the birth of your baby. The design of Chicco keyFit 30 is sleek and smart to fit in small cars as well. Combi Tru-Safe side impact protection makes it the safest convertible car seat for infants. Created to grow with your child, the Graco 4Ever DLX 4-in-1 Infant to Toddler Car Seat can be adjusted for use a rear-facing harness, forward-facing harness, high-back booster, and a backless booster. Unlike other models and brands, its base is small having a width of 15” wide. The good quality car seats ranges between $250 to $450, and it will be an investment for life or till the time you require narrow convertible car seat, narrowest booster car seat or a narrowest infant car seat. This seat can take from 4 to 30 pounds of weight in the rear facing with 32 inches of height which is good in our opinion for a car seat. Uppababy Mesa narrowest car seat is an excellent choice for the parents who are looking to fit 3 across in a row. All those adjustments are super user-friendly and easy to use, either by pulling the sides open, using a knob on the back of the seat, or using a hidden lever under the front padding. One of the questions we receive a lot from parents is whether by choosing a narrow car seat they are compromising baby safety. If you are looking for a large vehicle, then this is the ideal choice for you as it easily adjust in large vehicles and 3 in a row without any issues. This is highly recommended by the American Academy of Paediatrics to use rear facing convertible car seat for maximum time or until child reaches 2 years of age. The quality if car seat covers is good. The hifold is a great example of that. But if you have a medium sized cars or big cars, then I will suggest you to check other options from the list above. Simply hold the belt paths with both hands and try to move it to the front and sideways. The car seat material absorbs the extra moisturizer from your baby’s skin and keeps the baby feel comfortable. Read more about Safety First Grow and Go 3-in-1 Review here. This is an ideal choice for parents who are looking for more than 1 car seat to adjust in a car. Focus on 5 most important features; adjustable 2 shoulder straps, 2 waist straps, 1 middle of the leg strap, side impact protectors-cushion or form, and the compatibility to. Add to wishlist. Read the Graco Nautilus 65 Harness Booster Car Seat Review here. Model under consideration is Safety 1st Grow and Go 3 in one. However, the narrowest car seat booster is required only during the first year and the baby’s weight should be up to 35 pounds; the height of babies should vary between 29 to 32 inches. Safety 1st is the brand that is known for quality and affordable option in the market, has introduced many best selling safety 1st  car seat models. The drawbacks are: the fabric isn't so soft and doesn't seem to breathe well, the sunshade and handle interfere with each other a bit, and it's a bit pricey given these drawbacks, coming in at around $300. Furthermore, it is expensive but it has a life span of 8 years. In harness mode, it can carry weight up to 70 lbs. The narrowest infant car seats are about 17" wide, the narrowest convertible car seats are about 16-17" wide, and the narrowest booster seats are about 17" wide (but see our full reviews below for some details). Contoured steel back plates are used to reduce the forward movement of a baby and to restrict the forward movement of a kid when sudden brakes are applied. This is Graco's narrowest convertible car seat. So these reviews are not biased at all. The seat back height is adjustable, so you can adjust it according to the height of your little ones. Note that the 3R is the new model number for the R100, with some minor quality improvements. Graco has always focused on providing quality with comfort, and this is evident from the fact that parents prefer this brand over other brands available in the market. This more basic Radian seat is more limited than the RXT above, but it comes in at a more reasonable price point around $240. You can check out the Chicco MyFit booster here. There are very few situations that require using a booster with a child over 60-70 pounds. It is only16.75” wide which makes it an ideal narrow infant car seat. The pads that are used for the car seat are super soft and provide comfort to child who is sitting in the car seat. Both seats offer superior versatility in weight and height range, and fold down into super compact footprints that can easily be thrown in the trunk or foot well of a car. It has a sunshade, so if your baby doesn’t like sun exposure, then you can simply use a sunshade. There are 4 harness heights that are easily adjusted. 2. hifold Fit-and-Fold Highback Booster Car Seat. You can check out the best rear facing toddler car seats here. Infant seats are mostly easy to install as they come with a detachable base. The best feature is that it can carry weight up to 100 pounds. High back booster mode is used for a baby weighs from 35 Ibs to 100 Ibs and finally the Backless booster seat mode can be used for the babies weighs 40lbs and above. 5 point harness to booster mode is used for a baby weighs 22 lbs to 65 Ibs. Just divide the price on eight years and you will find it really cheap and affordable. If you want to adjust 2 car seats in a medium sized car, then this is really a good option. Children can enjoy a lot of snacks and drinks during long drive. In rear facing position baby is more secure as  this car seat comes with an extra cushion for newborns and infants to support their head and neck properly. The server responded with {{status_text}} (code {{status_code}}). We also liked the big plush side impact protection, the swing-in cupholders, and the fact that our test kids were really comfortable in the seat. This is not a narrowest booster seat, so you will have to purchase a booster car seat for your children when they reach an age of 4 to 5 years. We also have a more general car seat buying guide. A lot of parents think that the car seats that are narrow in design do not provide full protection to children. The design of Diono Radian RXT narrowest convertible car seat 2020 finalized with the help of many experts and after performing crash tests. Thus, they make sure that a large car can accommodate three narrow baby car seats; it’s reflected in car models such as Ford Grand C-Max, Toyota Prius+, Mercedes V-Class and Volkswagen Touran. We think that it is even harder to find a best solution for your 1 years old kid, as at this age kids are more energetic. Backless kid booster seat. The main structure and design of this car seat resembles to Radian RXT, but a few modifications are done in Diono R100. The reality is that they make the best narrow convertible car seats around, and this one is no exception. You can easily adjust 3 in a rows in back seat of your car. The beauty of this car seat is exactly as depicted in the image: you can fit three wide without issue in most mid-size vehicles (like the Accord, Camry, RAV4, CRV, Fusion, Altima, Passat, etc. The total weight if this car seat is 10 pounds and it is a handy version. Coming in at, No, we don't own stock in Diono or benefit in any way from including their seats at the top of the list. Front-facing can be used from 20-40 pounds, making this the most restricted convertible car seat on this list. But then again, in this price, with this safety, it is not really a bad trade off. In rear facing narrow infant car seat mode you can use it for 14 lbs to 50 lbs baby. The installation was easy, and we liked the shoulder pads on the 5-point harness, the cup holders, the soft-touch plastics, and the easy to use adjustments (9 head rest positions, 4 recline positions). It has a lifespan of almost 10 years, so it is a onetime investment over the period of 10 years. Note that it does not convert to a backless booster. Overall, this is an excellent option for a narrow convertible car seat with some great features. Once your child has outgrown their toddler or convertible car seat, it's time for a booster seat. The two are very much the same, with the Fllo being the more compact (in terms of height) of the two. You can check the state law and know when it is the best time to change from a convertible car seat to booster. And the canopy is really small, and getting it into and out of the base isn't as easy as with the UppaBaby or Chicco. From 40 lbs to 100 lbs, this convertible car seat can be used as booster car seat. A booster car seat is used for protecting your child above the age-group of one. The design of this narrow infant car seat is sleek and smart. This narrow car seat guide is for the parents who want to keep their current vehicle and make sure three car seats fit in a row. All in one feature of affordable Graco all in one car seat makes it best child car seat under 300$. It has a tangle free harness and you have an option of 7 positions to adjust it according to the needs of your baby. Not quite as narrow as some of the other booster options here, this booster seat comes in at 17.5" wide at its widest point. But a child grows very fast, so these lasts for a few months only and then babies out grow the capsule car seats and infant car seats. Up near the top spot on our best overall infant car seat list (here), this is an awesome, highly functional, safe, well-built, and stylish narrow infant car seat. We build car seats that we trust and use for our own children. This super narrow infant car seat, coming in at only 16.5" wide, is near the top of our "best infant car seats for under $100" article. 1> Best Selling Affordable Booster Seat: Diono Radian RXT at Amazon 14 recline positions make it an ideal convertible car seat for infants and for toddlers. Any car seat, regardless of age, that has been in a severe crash should be replaced. So instead of using a booster that relies on the vehicle's shoulder belt, the better option is to use a narrow convertible that can get secured to the seat using the LATCH or shoulder belt, and then the kids can use its integrated harness. But to be fair, the entire thing felt really sturdy and high-quality, and the fabrics were really nice. Overall, this is a great and ideal option for parents who have a premature baby and looking for the best narrowest rare-facing infant car seat. LATCH connectors make it easy to install a car seat and make the mobility of car seat easy. Special foam is used on the seat as well, to protect baby’s spine, neck and head from jerks. Peg Perego is a famous car seat manufacturer Italian company that makes high end products and luxury convertible car seats for infants and toddlers. This car seat functions a bit more like a 3-in-1 convertible car seat without the rear-facing option, and other than its relatively narrow width it's actually nearly as large as a convertible car seat as well. Finally, it uses an up-front shoulder strap adjuster to loosen or tighten, and it is conveniently positioned for adjustment even when connected to the base. It really has all the features you'll want in an infant car seat, and it's just under 17" wide, making it one of the narrowest infant car seats on the market. This super narrow car seat comes in around $300 for most color options, and up to about $500 for some limited release colors. Six height positions are available for your growing kids. And did we mention how this is a super lightweight booster seat, coming in at only 10 pounds? As a rear-facing car seat in a reclined infant position, it sticks out very far from the back seat, making it less ideal for newborns and infants unless you have a very large vehicle. The major difference between an infant car seat and a convertible car seat is that infant car seat is for limited years, whereas most of the convertible car seats last for years. The good news is that it will fit right into an overhead bin when folded. The most trusted brand among the US parents is Britax. The key here is having a car seat that is not only narrow at the base but actually continues to narrow toward the middle and top. When we first took it out of the box we were surprised by how heavy and bulky it was for a booster seat. The seat is super comfortable and top notch quality fabric is used in car seat covers. UppaBaby Mesa car seat is another narrowest convertible car seat in 2020. Chicco KeyFit comes in different colors and fabric designs. It is available in different colors, and gender specific colors are also available. Notice how it doesn't quite go low enough to accommodate most newborn babies, doesn't include an infant insert (sold separately, expanding the support down to a 5 pounds infant), and the upper limit is nowhere near as versatile as the Diono Radian. There are a plethora of cars in the market that has offered a 3 child car seat solution; they can fit three car seats across the backseat. The second important feature is having the option to secure the entire car seat to the vehicle with either the LATCH or the car's shoulder and lap belts, and then having the kids use the integrated 5-point harness. However, this can be used for the baby up to 65 pounds. It is considered one of the safest seats you can buy and comes with Air Protect Side Impact Protection for increased safety. This is for a couple reasons. Britax Pinnacle 90 is best for parents who travel a lot by air, as they can use it in aircraft in harness mode. You can choose from two types of booster seats i.e. It has a carrying handle with it, so you can easily remove it from the car and can take it along with you in shopping malls etc. Finally, always remember to buy the car seats having their own LATCH systems and integrated shoulder belt system.

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